Constipation Relief: A 5 Point Guide

Here Is a quick article where you to learn more about constipation. Many people don’t realize that constipation is a killer. It may not kill you right away, but having constipation, for long periods of time, is a destructive condition.

The colon is an organ that is central to your whole body and feeds your body by the nutrients is has in the colon. There are blood vessels and nerves that attach to every point on your outer colon surface that route nutrients to various points in your entire body.

So keeping the colon clean can prevent colon toxin from ending up in your brain, heart, lungs and everywhere else.

Discover How You Can Eliminate Continual Constipation By Using Natural Remedies

When you have constipation that is chronic, your life can be miserable. Not only does it affect your awareness and your thinking, but it has a physical detrimental effect on your body. Constipation that is caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, overweight, negative personality, and other lifestyle activities, can be cured. But, It will take a bit of time.

When constipation is more severe, then more changes have to be made in your lifestyle. Certain foods need to be eaten at certain times of the day. You will need to add to your diet specific supplements that will help you recover your peristaltic action of your colon.

By using natural remedies to help get rid of your constipation, you will be able to eliminate this chronic condition much faster and more effective than using any type of drugs whether they be prescribed or come from a drug store.

What is considered chronic Constipation?

The point where constipation becomes chronic is a matter of opinion. However, if you only have 2-3 bowel movements per week, consider this chronic. If you only have one bowel movement per week, then you have severe constipation. You should be having at least one bowel movement per day and two is better. This is providing that you eat three meals a day. It takes about 24 hours for food to pass through your body.

Chronic constipation is a serious condition that you need to take care of right away. Talk to your doctor or health practitioner to get the direction you need to take to take care of this issue.

If you are looking for some immediate help, I have written a comprehensive e-book on constipation called, Constipation Cures. To check out the e-book click on the link given.

There 4 areas that you need to look at right away and make some changes.

• Diet
• Exercise
• Thoughts


Adding good food to your diet is not the only thing you need for improving you bowel regularity. You also need to eliminate those foods that contribute to constipation. In this constipation book you can learn what foods you should eat to eliminate constipation, what foods cause constipation, and what foods prevent constipation from coming back. We’ll give you a tip right now, take a spoonful of this every day.


Exercise is necessary to keep your colon walls strong and from become weak. It also keeps your lymphatic system activated so that the lymph liquid can flush toxins out of your colon. As lymph liquid passes into the colon, good regularity assures that this liquid will move out in your stools.

Thoughts and Behavior

Many people don’t believe that thoughts or behaviors have anything to do with illness or body functions. However, it is impossible to separate the two. What you think is what you are and it is hard to escape this truism.

Chronic constipation is representative of the types of thoughts you have. By keeping things to yourself, by not sharing with other people, by holding back in your life, and by repressing who you are, this can cause chronic constipation.

If you are only having a few bowel movements each week, start changing your life patterns. What you have been living is what is causing your constipation, so it only makes sense to change that things that you are living. Look at the four areas mentioned above and start making changes in each one of these area. Do it gradually so that these changes become part of you and not just some constipation program. If you need some detailed help, check out my e-book. Remedies for constipation

Natural Tips for Constipation Relief

If you have regular bouts with constipation frequently, you set yourself up to some serious body conditions. When fecal matter stays in various parts of your colon, your colon walls are exposed to toxic matter, which ends up in your blood stream. Typically, fecal matter moves quickly and completely through your colon, leaving little or no residue.

As fecal matter remains in your colon, as in constipation, for days, your colon walls get exposure to toxic matter and gases that are absorbed through the colon walls and get in to your blood stream. Now, where does that toxic matter go? Well, it depends on where your fecal matter got stuck. Every spot on your colon is connected to a different spot on your body and whatever passes through that part of the colon will go to that part of the body.

Toxic Brain

For example, the transverse colon feeds your brain. If your fecal matter remains in that area for days, then toxicity that penetrated the transverse colon from that fecal matter will travel to your brain and contaminate it. If you have foggy thinking, have difficulty concentrating, or lack awareness and focus, you may be feeling the effects of constipation.

In your blood stream, toxic matter from the colon decreases the oxygen that reaches your cells or tissues. This is a serious condition, since you usually need more oxygen than you are typically getting.
When you have serious constipation, you mostly likely have to strain and squeeze to have bowel movement. This type of situation usually leads to other conditions, such as hemorrhoids or varicose veins.

In the Past

Over 80 years ago or more, many doctors knew about the importance of a clean colon. In 1908 Eli Metchnifoff, director of the Pasteur Institute, was awarded that year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine. His research showed that pathogenic colon bacteria, bad bacteria, produced toxic secretions and by products, which acted as slow poisoning of the entire body.

Metchnifoff believed that toxic matter coming from your colon was responsible for every degenerating disease. His belief was so strong that he believed that man’s life span was cut in half, when his colon was neglected and allowed to have excessive toxic producing bacteria.

Dr. Joseph H. Greer

During 1931, Dr. Joseph H. Greer, was telling his patients how to end constipation and prevent it. Today, nutritionists and other health practitioners are telling their clients the very same thing.

In his small pamphlet, The Drugless Road to Perfect Health, 1931, Joseph H. Greer, M.D. tells his patients,
“You must have ‘roughage’ to make the bowels move freely. Concentrated food (processed foods) and constipation go hand in hand, (and) then pills (laxatives) are used. More constipation and more pills, it is a vicious circle with bad results.

Don’t be afraid of cracked wheat, cornmeal, cut oats, raw cabbage, onions and celery. They are far better than refined flour and the package foods that flood the market. They may save some labor in the kitchen, but they produce constipation.”

Constipation is a Symptom

Today nutritionists and other alternative practitioners know that constipation is a signal that cannot be ignored and your colon function must be kept efficient and functioning well. To ignore constipation for long periods of time can lead to some serious illnesses. These type of illnesses will most likely end your life prematurely or cause you a disability.

Constipation is a symptom you cannot ignore – even if it occurs only occasionally -because it leads to slow poisoning of your entire body.

In the past and even in the present, many doctors refused to believe that constipation can cause your body to become toxic. It is well established by naturopathic doctors that constipation is a condition that should not be tolerated frequently. Yet, you will still find internet blogs, articles, anatomy books, and health books suggesting that for some people or anyone not having bowel movements in 3 days or more can be normal.

Don’t wait for constipation to really make you ill or for a doctor to verify that constipation does cause your body damage. It’s up to you not your doctor to keep yourself free of illness. Don’t you think now is a good time to start?