Powerful Herbs to Relieve Constipation?

The answer to the question what relieves constipation is not a simple one. What happens is that not all people response to the same food in the same way. For one person, fiber will relieve their constipation, but for another it does not. Each person is different and has different nutritional needs. We get around this situation, by giving a list of foods that are known to give constipation relief. So, one or two of these suggested foods may help a person cure their constipation.

Ideas And Nutrients To Get Rid Of Your Constipation

Do a colon cleanse to give yourself a new start. Then you can start doing those things that prevent constipation.

If you have a hard time having a bowel movement, start by going to the restroom at the same time every day and just sit there, even if you don’t have a bowel movement. Do not try to force a bowel movement.

Do not hold on to thoughts of fear, indecision, or hatred. These emotions are reflected in your colon and you will also hold on to your fecal matter.

With each meal take probiotic and digestive enzymes, so that you have better digestion. Improve digestion gives you better colon function.

Review your medication and look on the internet to see if one of the side effects is constipation. If it is, then try to reduce it use, by using a natural remedy that does the same thing as your drug.