Natural Remedies to Stop Constipation

Discover how you can eliminate and stop constipation by using natural remedies

Stop Constipation Now

If you want to stop constipation, then you need to change some things in your life. Having constipation is not normal and it is constipation if you don’t have a bowel movement every day, despite what doctors say.

Common sense says if you eat three meals per day, then you should have a minimum of one bowel movement every day, since it should take 24 hours for food you eat to come out as a stool. You decide if you are regular or whether you have constipation. By using constipation remedies, you can assure yourself of being normal.

So, if you don’t have a bowel movement every day, how do you stop constipation? Well, you have to train your body to do so. You have trained your body to have constipation, so now you have to un-train it.

The first thing to do to stop constipation or to eliminate constipation is to drink a little more water. But you don’t need 8 glasses a day. This is over kill. Just drink slightly more than you usually do. You see, when you don’t have enough water in your body, your body will pull water out of the food you eat and it does this when your food has been digested and is in the colon.

In the colon, water is pulled out of your stool, which makes it hard and difficult to move up and around the colon. Water is sucked out through the colon walls and into the blood and lymph liquid. It does this to recycle various nutrients that the body needs and to supply the body with water, if you dont drink enough.

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Add More Fiber

Next, you need to ad more fiber to your diet to stop constipation. Do you know which vegetables and fruits have the best fiber and when you should eat them? There are certain fruits that are best to eat, since they activate peristaltic action. This action comes in waves in your colon and moves fecal matter out of your colon as a stool.

You need to take certain supplements, which provide the nutrients you need to strengthen your colon walls. Your colon walls need to be strong so they can squeeze digested food out of your colon. Make sure you take a probiotic every two months so that you can supply good bacterial to your colon. You need this good bacteria there so that your colon is healthy and can overwhelm the bad bacteria. The bad bacteria when dominate changes the colon pH, causing your colon to produce constipation.

These are some points to help you get started to stop constipation. But, you will need as much information on constipation as possible since this condition is a reflection of the health of your colon. There are many aspects to colon health and you need to get your colon rebalanced and back to normal so that you can eliminate constipation.

Things To Know About Constipation 

There are two types of constipation, one is organic and the other is physical. Organic constipation is when you have a defect in your organs or genetic makeup that causes a malfunction in your digestive system and colon area. Physical constipation is where you have created constipation from the lifestyle that you have.

When you have the physical type of constipation, you are in control. You can change the way your digestive system and colon process the food you eat. Constipation is not just about your colon holding onto fecal matter. Your constipation is a result of the way your body is digesting food. If you want to know more about how your body digests food and your digestive system, you can check out my kindle e-book at Amazon – Gastrointestinal Digestion Secrets Revealed (Food Digestion Secrets)

Many people think that if they can move the fecal matter that is stuck in their colon through laxatives, then they will be ok. But chances are you will become constipated again if you don’t change anything in the way you eat. There are certain things that you need to know about your digestive system, and once you know them and apply the basic principles of eating and living, you will be free of many of the aliments of the digestive areas – esophagus, stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and the colon.

Don’t get stuck think the constipation is only about the colon. It’s about your entire digestive system.